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In 1920, a chapter of Druids, a sophomore honor society for men, was installed at the University of Pittsburgh. Later in 1922, a sophomore honor society for women leaders of student activities was founded at the University of Pittsburgh. Modeled after Druids, the women's organization was named Cwens. The purpose of Cwens was to promote and recognize women as a viable group which contributed to and enriched the university campus. It remained Cwens from 1922 until 1976 when Title 9, which stated that single sex honor societies could not exist, greatly altered the composition of the organization. Cwens, meaning Queens, was deemed an inappropriate name for the new organization which would consist of sophomore men and women. The official name changed to Lambda Sigma at Jane Harmon's home in Atlanta in 1976. Lambda Sigma has changed since its birth in 1922, but the ideas of leadership, scholarship, fellowship, and service have all been preserved to this day.
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Last Updated April 30, 2012.